Database System Concepts: Relational Model

These are my notes from Chapter 2 of Database System Concepts, which is about database systems. The first chapter of this book gave a high-level overview of database systems. The rest of the book is divided into parts, where part 1 is about relational databases. It begins by defining what the relational model is, and […]

Properly Documenting Your Application

We’ve all worked with technologies where the documentation is poorly written, outdated, or completely nonexistant. This always sucks, and it’s a huge time and energy drain. Imagine trying to learn Java or C# without any documentation or textbooks. Alternatively, imagine trying to learn Angular or Bootstrap without documentation. Unless you have direct access to the […]

11 Traits of High Quality Software Engineers

While it is difficult to quantify productivity differences between engineers, it’s very easy to observe a significant difference between the best engineers and even the average one. Attempts have been made to quantify the potential productivity difference between good and great engineers, and claims have been made that the great ones can be 10 to […]

New Features in Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft has recently released Visual Studio 2017, adding a significant number of features on top of what’s been available in prior versions. This release has a particular emphasis on Visual Studio’s performance and its ability to make developers more productive. Since the best developers always suggest to stay up to date on new tools and […]